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5 Great Events in Waterford for All the Family

5 Events in Waterford for All the Family

Waterford is a sustainable, dynamic, and resourceful city, full of events, where people seek to live, work, invest and socialise depending on everyone’s individual needs. The city has evolved to grow with its citizens and support the lifestyle that each and every one of them is looking for.

Ireland’s oldest city has got everything to satisfy any potential newcomer. From a competitive cost of living and rent prices to a scenic coastline with plenty of activities and a constantly growing working environment with excellent education facilities, Waterford has it all to offer. 

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Waterford is also packed full of events all year round to keep everyone entertained. The city is bursting with culture and has a lively event calendar. Music, arts, foods, and even summer and winter-themed festivals take centre stage in Ireland’s most livable city. 

Take a look here at some of Waterford’s most popular events, Covid permitted, that add atmosphere and provide a buzz around the city for all of its locals with diverse activities throughout the year:

1. Summer in the City

Events in Waterford

From June to August every year, Waterford City comes alive with all types of music, family entertainment, street performances, and workshops. This festival suits every person’s needs, whether you want to sit out in the evening listening to music in the middle of the city or family-friendly events that are suitable for all ages, everybody can enjoy this vibrant event.

2. All Together Now

Events in Waterford

Starting in 2018, All Together Now is a multifaceted event that ranges from music suitable for all tastes, the spoken word, comedy, theatre, art, and workshops, and food tasting events all between the walls of the iconic Curraghmore Estate. This festival has it all to offer and has been a major success in the city attracting visitors from all over the country. There is something for everyone to enjoy across a lively weekend.

3. Spraoi

Waterford Events

Waterford’s biggest festival takes place throughout the streets of the city across a week within the summer. Spraoi is the largest arts festival in Ireland and the globally recognised event celebrates people and culture through music, street arts, theatre, parades, and fireworks. This is a must-see event for those looking to relocate to Waterford.

4. Waterford Harvest Festival 

Waterford Events

Waterford plays host to this amazing festival suitable for all foodies in September each year. The streets and towns come alive with views and scents of all things food from a variety of tents and stalls to satisfy the taste buds of everyone. The Harvest Festival celebrates all the local tastes and culinary experiences of what Ireland’s most livable has to offer.

5. Winterval 

Waterford Events

Winterval, Ireland’s Christmas festival continues to grow from strength to strength each year in the heart of Waterford City. With events taking place non-stop throughout the festive Christmas period, this event is ideal for families and a great attraction for the city. With over 300,000 visitors annually, Winterval is the place to help celebrate all of the Christmas activities.

Exploring the festivities the city has to offer will help to attract all types of newcomers which will help to grow one of Ireland’s key regions. With the number of events taking place annually, it will no doubt satisfy the social needs of anyone looking at a potential move.

We hope that you enjoyed our article, exploring just some of the events that Waterford has to offer. 

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