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5 Great Colour Trends for your Home in 2021

5 Colour Trends for your Home in 2021

It is recommended that people paint the interior of their homes every 5-7 years, so is this the time for you to change the atmosphere of your home with a new colour?

Choosing the right colour match for your home is key and has long-lasting effects. Picking a colour that fits your taste will be important to creating a sense of happiness and comfort in your home as it forms a part of the background of your everyday living. Especially when moving into a new home, creating your ideal colour palette can be one of the more challenging tasks when stamping your personality on the new space.

Every year design professionals and enthusiasts attempt to predict the colour trends for the following year. In 2020, people were spending a lot more time at home due to the worldwide pandemic which meant there was a lot more redesigning and redecorating compared to previous years.

The overall trends that were seen highlighted how homeowners want to create a warm and relaxing environment. As we continue to spend more time in our homes this year, we might as well attempt to try something new.

With this in mind, here are 5 of the most popular colour trends for 2021:

Hints of Green

Colour Trends

Having a splash of green around the home has become popular in recent years and is looking very much on the cards for 2021. Many homes are aiming to create an environment inspired by nature by including natural green tones. Olive, emerald, and sage greens are in trend right now as they are easily matched with many colours and textures for a feeling of peacefulness. These tones help to create an earthy and relaxing atmosphere.


Homely Red Tones

Colour Trends

Many modern homes are craving enriching colours to surround themselves with. Homeowners are now tending to go for a warm red colour such as plum over the traditional colder shades of blue or grey, creating a more welcoming vibe. This deep red colour is a striking alternative to the colder shades however it does help to create a more modern or chic element to the home.


Stimulating Neutrals

Colour Trends

There has been a major comeback of neutral tones such as milk and almond in recent years. Again, homeowners are attempting to distance themselves from the cold feeling of greyscale and create a more cosy and comfortable atmosphere within the home. Homeowners are aiming to create a more intimate space that is inviting for a guest and also familiar to its residents. These colours can also be used all over the home, making it one of the easier colour palettes to blend.


Shades of Blue

Colour Trends

A major trend for 2021 is that homeowners are creating a sense of nostalgia through calming tones that were present for years gone by. Blue is a classic colour so there is no surprise that it continues to be on-trend in many homes around the globe. Blue has always been a popular colour when decorating to add a sense of calmness and tranquillity. Both darker and more vibrant shades of blue are in style for the coming year.


Natural, Earthy Tones

Colour Trends

Dulux has chosen ‘Brave Ground’ as its colour of the year for 2021. This down to earth, warm, and simple tone perfectly demonstrates what the majority of modern homes are seeking to build a warm and peaceful environment. Using these earthy tones provides your home with a canvas to create your ideal atmosphere, making it easier to blend throughout your entire home. The ease of how these colours adapt to their surroundings is a major benefit that homes should try to take advantage of in 2021.

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