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8 Great Interior Design Trends for 2022

Every year the latest interior design trends help us shape the changes we make inside our homes as 2022 tumbles on, whether that be from changing the old furniture that has been there for years and years or choosing a new colour scheme that will help you blend your home together that bit better.

Similar to 2020, people spent a lot of time in their homes over the past year as the Covid-19 pandemic continued to have a daily effect on everybody across the world. Given that we spend approximately 90% of our time indoors, it is natural for us to try and change the interior design of our homes to stay up to date with all the latest trends. Using these trends helps you to create that perfect, modern environment which also gives you the space to reflect your own personality and create your perfect home.

With this in mind, here are our 8 great interior design trends for 2022:

1. Sustainable Touch

Interior Design

Sustainability is a trend that has been around for many years and not just for interior design and it continues to showcase its importance again for 2022. Looking into how you can incorporate sustainability a little bit more into your everyday life makes all the difference as we all strive towards a more eco-friendly society in 2022.

Homeowners can achieve this by aiming to use materials throughout their living space that is more environmentally friendly and are built for longevity rather than using products with a short lifespan that are more likely to become waste in a shorter time frame. With 77% of homeowners aiming to live more sustainably, this trend looks like it will be around for quite a while yet.


2. Plants

Interior Design

Over the past almost 2 years, we have all learned the importance of cultivating our own spaces whether that be at home or at work and one essential to this is the houseplant. Houseplants became something for homeowners to direct their attention towards whilst also brightening up their living spaces.

There has been a massive push towards bringing the outdoors inside in recent years and what better way to do this than the humble houseplant. Throughout the pandemic gardening sales increased on average by 30% as homeowners directed their attention towards gardening as a form of stress relief and this trend has continued as we begin to return to normality.


3. Multifunctional Living Spaces

Interior Design

Another major change that has occurred or may be accelerated due to worldwide lockdown is the phenomenon of remote working. 32% of the worldwide workforce worked solely from home in 2021 and given the popularity around the topic, it looks likely that this trend is set to continue post-pandemic.

37% of workers feel they do not have sufficient space at home to fulfill their normal working duties which has called on homeowners to tackle the issue of creating multifunctional spaces from which they can both simultaneously live and work. So whether it be an in-home office, gym, or whatever it is that you may need, for 2022 it is important to incorporate versatility in your interior design.


4. Outdoor Furniture

Interior Design

While it may not be the time of year just yet to be focusing on the outdoors, the garden has become a very popular spot amongst homeowners over the past couple of years. With restrictions often limiting the number of people allowed within a house, the garden has become an acting entertainment centre and an added extension to interior design.

With search terms for outdoor kitchen and furniture rocketing over the past year by over 140%, it is clear to see that outdoor living will once again become a popular trend over the coming spring and summer months.


5. Artwork

Interior Design

Statement artwork has come back into the trend for 2022 as the modern homeowner aims to leave a mark on their home. As a form of expressing their personality, the artwork being used is creating a modern twist for homeowners to portray certain desirable characteristics through smaller aspects of their interior design.

Decorating your home is an opportunity to tell a story that can help you to create your desired atmosphere. Offering a “less is more” approach, statement pieces are set to be big in 2022 as modern society aims to incorporate a form of self-expression which acts almost as an extension of the homeowner’s personality.


6. Biophilic Design

Interior Design

Biophilic design is all about creating an internal connection to nature throughout your home whether it be through natural ventilation and lighting, or varying colour palettes and materials, the trend of connecting your home to the great outdoors will be a largely popular interior design trend for 2022.

One of the major benefits resulting from a biophilic design is the creation of a calmer environment which is greatly needed on a worldwide basis as we deal with the problems and stresses caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. As our awareness and our approach to the environment change, it will be important to maintain a more mindful interior design approach this year.


7. Vintage Decor

Interior Design

A return to a more traditional approach to design has become increasingly popular in recent years as the vintage look helps to create a more lasting style for any modern home. Whether it be through highly textured fabrics, woody tones, or old-style furniture the more vintage approach looks set to be in trend for 2022.

As people had more time on their hands than usual over the past couple of years, it has become an increasingly popular interior design trend for people to get themselves into a DIY job and attempt to create an almost new piece of furniture out of something old which has seen the furniture resale market to estimate a 70% increase in size by 2025.


8. Nature Inspired Living

Interior Design

As previously mentioned, we are spending a lot more of our time indoors and people instinctively like to feel connected to nature and this trend looks to become a major aspect of interior design for 2022. Whether it be through natural furnishings and surfaces to decorative objects, this can help to depth and visual intrigue throughout your home in the coming months.

Nature-inspired objects can help to bring a new sense of life to that part of your house that you feel needs improving so maybe now is the time to take the plunge and make the change to help your home fit naturally into 2022.

We hope that you have enjoyed our article on the great interior design trends for 2022. If you enjoyed this article, why not read some of our previous articles or keep up to date with our latest news on LinkedIn?

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