Brindle Close, Summerfields, Waterford


  • A Rated Homes A Rated Homes
  • heat recovery Air to Water pumps
  • heat recovery Heat Recovery Ventilation
  • Natural Planting

Brindle Close, Summerfields, Waterford

Brindle Close will form part of Waterford’s newest planned ‘urban village’, Whitebox’s latest development of 62 new beautifully designed homes which have been designated under the Affordable Housing Purchase scheme.

This scheme is a Government initiative which enables new homeowners to get an additional €75,000 subsidy in the form of an equity stake.

With each phase having its own identity, theme and centralised open space, Brindle Close will give homeowners a sense of place within their own community.

Brindle Close will form part of Summerfields, Waterford’s newest planned ‘urban village’.

Within walking distance to the city’s main educational and employment centres, SETU and the IDA industrial park, its aspect is onto the rolling landscape of the surrounding countryside, it makes an ideal location for first-time buyers.


We are fully committed to promoting biodiversity in our schemes and is a core consideration for the design of all new residential developments.

  • The development layout aims to incorporate as much existing hedgerows and trees as possible.
    • Planting beds will be created at the base of dwellings containing plants that promote biodiversity.
    • Proposed boundary types have been designed to promote biodiversity by providing shelter, connectivity, or food sources for wildlife. They provide or can be adapted to provide, nesting and foraging opportunities for native flora, fauna, insects, and invertebrates.
      • Soft landscaping and planting against concrete block walls create a rich habitat for invertebrates, arachnids, and birds
      • Existing hedgerows were identified for retention and incorporated into the boundaries of the development.- Proposed permeable driveways reduce the potential for localised flooding.
  • Proposed planting along driveways and buffer strips of planting are positioned between the dwelling and the car parking to promote pollination and biodiversity.

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  • 62 Homes
  • Designated under the Affordable Housing Purchase Scheme
  • A-Rated
  • Can be EV Wired
  • Biodiversity commitment

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