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Your Guide to Living in Waterford

Your Guide to Living in Waterford

This is your guide to living in Waterford: Located in the ‘Sunny South East’ of the country, Waterford is a sustainable, dynamic, and modern city that is rife with opportunities for young and old.

Waterford is home to around 116,000 people and is considered the hub of the South East. Waterford is currently one of Ireland’s fastest-growing regions. Given its proximity to other major cities such as Dublin and Cork, Waterford takes full advantage of its location. 

When it comes to meeting your lifestyle requirements, Waterford holds the ability to satisfy both your work and lifestyle needs. Web searches for houses in Waterford have increased twofold over the past year, further testament to the growing popularity and potential of living in this hidden gem.

Waterford is increasingly being viewed as a key relocation destination for those who live within the Dublin/Mid-East region. Individuals who have the desire to live the city lifestyle but do not want the expense of living in the capital can reap the benefits of living in Waterford. 

With this in mind, here is our guide to living in Waterford:


 1. Property

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From a recent
report, Waterford City has an average rent price of €1,067 per month. This makes Waterford the least expensive city in Ireland for rent prices. In comparison, Dublin City Centre’s average rent price is €1,972.

House prices in Waterford are 65% lower compared to Dublin and the availability of high-quality housing stock better meets demand than in the capital. Several housing developments by Whitebox are currently in development for this growing city too, including the upcoming Summerfields.


2. Cost of Living

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Waterford is one of the most cost-friendly cities in Ireland. Even excluding the housing statistics from above, Waterford’s
average consumer prices are 9.85% lower than Dublin. This takes into account factors like shop/supermarket prices, transportation costs, sports/leisure costs, utilities, and more. 

This city makes the perfect location for a new family to relocate to also. With childcare prices around 50% lower than in the capital, making Waterford ideal for families who are looking for a change of scenery.


3. Lifestyle

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Waterford is a destination with numerous amenities. Some of Waterford’s many gems include a vibrant city culture and stunning views of a breathtaking coastline and tranquil countryside. With various events and festivals such as Spraoi, Summer in the City, and Winterval taking place in normal circumstances, all family and lifestyle needs are taken care of. 

Sea lovers and watersports enthusiasts will enjoy Waterford’s coast, with numerous beaches to explore including Tramore, Dunmore, and Ardmore. There’s also a number of hiking trails such as the Comeragh mountains, and a variety of woods to choose from. If you’re a fan of golf, you will not be disappointed here as there are several stunning courses throughout. Waterford has it all!

Situated in the southeast of the country, Waterford has the ideal mix of urban and rural living. With stunning beaches, culinary & hospitality excellence, and 46km of a Greenway to explore, Ireland’s ‘most livable place‘ is the ideal location for any family or individual.

4. Work Opportunities

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Waterford is a hub for over 75 multinational corporations and has experienced substantial growth year on year. The local economy has experienced a major transformation and is seeing a shift towards knowledge-intensive industries in recent years. 

There are currently over 26,000 knowledge-intensive companies in the Waterford area. This is providing newcomers with the ideal opportunity to bring their skills to the South East of the country. 

According to a recent relocation survey, 53% of people have progressed further in their workplace since relocating to Ireland’s oldest city. This makes Waterford the ideal location to relocate to and grow both personally and professionally.


5. Education

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Waterford is home to a large number of top-quality education institutes at all levels, from playschool to third-level education.  There are 77 primary and 19 secondary schools to choose from and
89% of school-leavers proceed to third-level education. 

Waterford is also home to Waterford Institute of Technology, the top-ranked education institute in Ireland. With more than 10,000 students enrolled and over 5,000 graduating annually. Waterford is a prime location for all kinds of individuals to invest in their future.


We hope that you enjoyed our article, exploring your guide to living in Waterford.

If you’re interested in relocating to Waterford, why not explore our upcoming development – Summerfields, in the highly sought-after central location of Kilbarry.


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