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10 Home Interior Design Trends for 2021

10 Home Interior Design Trends for 2021

With the year that’s in it, many of us have been a lot more homebound than ever before, making it the perfect time to begin thinking about touching up our home aesthetic. For inspiration, we’ve catalogued 10 Home Interior Design Trends for 2021. 

Many of the Interior Design Trends that have come to surface in 2021 are based on the increased importance of sustainable materials, but these trends are also driven by a greater desire for homeowners to bring a sense of individuality and uniqueness to their homes. 

With the type of year that 2020 was, homeowners are increasingly looking to their homes as their safety base in 2021, so trends would suggest a move towards facilitating this ambience.

Here are our 10 Home Interior Design Trends for 2021:


1. Vintage Inspired

Vintage Interior

With vintage interiors, less is more, and so creating the perfect vintage-inspired interior requires layering and contrast. Choose certain keynote, salvaged and repurposed pieces of furniture, but complement this with strong colours and modern notes, too.


2. Earthy Shades

Earthy Shades

Warm, earthy tones are experiencing a renaissance as they connect with nature and represent stability and comfort. These simple tones form the perfect foundation for facilitating creativity and change in your home.


3. Grey & Yellow

Grey & Yellow

‘Unlikely pair’ comes to mind, but this contrast has become hugely popular over recent months. Grey works with almost any colour, and so a zingy yellow really allows it to ‘pop’. Typically, grey is the dominant colour here while yellow is complementary.


4. Ocean Blue

Ocean Blue

The appeal of Ocean Blue hues is not surprising – it represents calmness, tranquility and balance. Maritime colours have been seen in bathrooms in the past, but for 2021 it’s expected to translate as a modernist interior design theme in living rooms and bedrooms, too.


5. The Home Office

Home Office

We’re experiencing a remote working revolution, which has led to many of us working from home for the forseeable future. Interiors are adjusting accordingly to facilitate lighting, comfort, ambience. and creativity, making sure you are in a wholly productive environment.


6. Luxe Escape


Taking inspiration from hotel design and modernism, a key trend of 2021 will see people capture that opulence through their home aesthetic with a ‘premium’ feel.


7. Black Kitchens

Black Kitchen

White kitchens have long since been a staple interior design trends, but there is a shift towards black as it creates visual allure for a room which does not typically stand out as others do. Black kitchens should have some balance, to create warmth and groundedness.


8. Self Expression

Self Expression

In the age of working from home, more and more, people are beginning to view their homes as an extension of their own identity. Not to mention, videoconferencing means that more people are seeing your home than ever before, and by bringing your own self-expression into your home interior you are getting across your individuality of character.


9. Cottagecore


Drawing inspiration from the countryside, the past year has created a profound interest in the cottagecore aesthetic. Although not overly modernist, cottagecore does create an atmosphere of nostalgia, comfort and homeliness and is often characterised by wooden and floral themes.


10. Japandi


Combining the simplistic, minimalist nature of Japanese style with the cool, muted Scandi approach of ‘less is more’, creates the wonderful synergy of Japandi home interior design. This year will see an increase in what is already a timeless style, enhanced by earthy tones and occasional greenery.

These are just some of the many interior design trends to expect from 2021, and we hope you might draw some inspiration from them.

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